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About Us

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Smartwatt’s challenge is to increase the efficiency of our customers processes.

Our main core is energy systems optimization, from the project to the installation of the energy systems and also the management of the assets in real-time, covering the value chain from top to bottom.

Smartwatt has a culture of future. Our team is developing systems that guarantee a better decision-making process during operation and maintenance of the energy assets by forecasting the weather, incidents, consumption, production and other key-performance indicators that affect directly our customers’ business.


Energy along with technology will be key-factors to our future. Our challenge is to foster the relationship of energy with technology, and become an international benchmark for smart high-end solutions that allow our customers to succeed, contributing to a brighter future for next decade.


Empower our partner’s energy systems with the most advanced tools and processes for optimize energy consumption, renewable energy production and maintenance operations to industrial, commercial and services players. With Smartwatt, energy will be simple, safe, affordable, and sustainable.

Our Strengths

  • Flexibility
  • Dedication
  • Experience
  • Reliability