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Energy Efficiency
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We are focused on developing a set of solutions and services to optimize and revolutionize the way of managing energy resources.


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We offer a set of specialized solutions focused on increasing our customers profit, creating tailored solutions to their needs, optimizing energy resources and promoting sustainability.

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GWh of renewables forecast every 6 hours for 10 days

GWh of renewables forecast every 6 hours for 10 days

Bernardo Almeida Project Manager Área de Gestão de Inovação (DIT-AGI), EDP Distribuição
Digital Innovation projects tend to have an high degree of complexity and face many challenges and the “Outage Forecast” project was no exception. Partnering with Smartwatt was the right choice for this project as the Smartwatt’s highly skilled team stands out for they tremendous flexibility, technical contributions, for the continuous feedback, result driven milestones and mainly for the capacity of delivering very high quality results that meet the client objectives.

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