Smart solutions, products and services for the energy industry

Smartwatt develops solutions based on artificial intelligence, engineering and monitoring systems to optimize energy resources, with over 12 years of experience in the global energy market.


Focus on the future with accumulated experience from the past

Smartwatt is focused on the future, its team develops systems that guarantee a better decision-making method during the entire energy system optimization process. This differentiation has led us to conquer a vast portfolio of clients and success stories that ensure the effectiveness of our solutions.


It appears as a spin-off of INESC Porto with a focus on Innovation and the development of tailor-made solutions.


Integration with the Bongás group takes place and business areas are created.


Developed the first Artificial Intelligence models for Energy.


Become shareholder of the electrical mobility company - KLC.


Boost the energetic transition of our clients with Artificial Intelligence.


A solid basis for a constant search for innovation

01 Custom solutions

We develop complete tailor-made solutions, focused on optimizing the results of our partners and their main needs.

02 Artificial Intelligence

Indispensable factor for the creation and development of our products and services. We believe that this is the key to our customers' success and future.

03 Sustainability

We are committed to developing projects that facilitate access to renewable energy, in addition to offering sustainability solutions as a whole.


Revolutionize energy production for a sustainable future

We want to revolutionize the way we manage energy resources, increasing the profitability of our customers, creating tailored solutions based on engineering, monitoring systems and Artificial Intelligence and promoting sustainability.


The principle of every decision

An honest and loyal attitude towards the environment and all people involved.



Strong capacity to develop the best solutions, with a permanent focus on optimizing results and solving challenges through our team, a fundamental part of the excellence in the services provided.



An indispensable factor for the development of our business, which aims to generate value for each of the areas where we operate.



All information that we receive from our partners for the development of any project, is treated with strict confidentiality.



Focus on developing solutions and services aimed at improving and preserving the environment in which we live as a whole.


A perfect relationship between will and ability

We lead a multidisciplinary and united group of engineers, mathematicians, marketers, software developers, data engineers and data scientists who work as a team with a single focus: innovation.

Jorge Araújo CEO
Tiago Santos Intelligence Director
Rui Julião Sales & New Solutions Manager
Álvaro Figueiroa RH, Administrative & Financial Manager
Joana Guedes Marketing Manager
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