SMARTWATT organized Artificial Intelligence – The perfect tool to empower your business at The Yeatman.

On 28th of March, in the wonderful city of Porto, north of Portugal, SMARTWATT organized – Artificial Intelligence: The perfect tool to empower your business – with the purpose of gathering representatives from a diverse range of industries, where Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) would make a real difference, willing to share their view.

The themes discussed went from Strategy, Tools, Management and, of course, the future of A.I. Our guests were even presented with a moment of magic prepared by Nuno Rodrigues, to better understand how Artificial Intelligence can really look like a trick of magic.

It was a very interactive event and dynamic, on which we were able to understand better the challenges of the companies.According to one of our guests it was “Dynamic, intelligent, creative and smart”.Thank you to all the participants, it was a pleasure to have you. We will meet again soon.

About Smartwatt

Smartwatt main core is energy systems optimization, from project to installation and to the assets management in real-time, covering the value chain from top to bottom. The company has a culture of future. The Smartwatt team develops solutions that increase the efficiency of their customers’ business processes. The company mission is empowering their partner’s energy systems with the most advanced tools and processes for optimizing energy consumption, renewable energy production and maintenance operations, making energy simple, safe, affordable and sustainable. For additional info, please visit