Unlock the value of data.

Smart Energy empowered by AI solutions.

Intelligent Maintenance
PV Inverter Underperformance
PV Soiling
PV Shadowing
PV Degradation
Energy Forecast Management
WT Underperformance
Pitch & Yaw Misalignment
Bearing Anomaly Detection
Energy Automation
Root-cause Detection
Energy Trading
Open Box Solution Open Box Solution
Tailor-Made Algorithms Tailor-Made Algorithms
AI Partner AI Partner
Customized Products Customized Products

Proprietary AI

Developed by merging client’s needs and knowledge with the latest technology.


Wind Turbines

Our algorithms collect data from each turbine every 10 seconds.


Signals Evaluated

Designed a platform that evaluates each signal every 10 minutes to detect performance anomalies.

Direct impact on your bottom line

Optimize your

Penalties Costs

Our AI Algorithms enable up to 20% reduction in penalty costs.


Our decision-making systems can reduce workforce allocation up to 5%.

Energy Availability

Our AI Algorithms allow renewable energy availability up to 99%.


Get the value in weeks,
not years.

A few hours 3 - 4 weeks 3 - 6 months
Problem Assessment Define Technologies and Approach
AI Application Deployment
A few hours Executive
3 - 4 weeks Problem Assessment Define Technologies and Approach
3 - 6 months AI Application Deployment

We are technology innovators with a business understanding.

Explainability is a key success factor.
We built a process where your business, with all the details and specifications, goes into the algorithm. Our methodology became our DNA.

Knowledge Integrator Knowledge Integrator
Open Algorithm Open Algorithm
Agile Teams Agile Teams

Three steps to
unbox AI Technology.

We link and sync all data sources across platforms and systems into a logical database that is then used to learn and extract insights from complex challenges via the deployment of AI models. The final product includes a tailor-made AI solution that speaks your business language.

01. Link
  • SCADA Layer 1&2
  • ERP Online Data
  • Energy Market Forecast
  • Power & Weather Forecast
02. Learn
  • Energy Trading
  • Smart Events
  • Fault Detection
  • Wind and PV
03. Speak
  • Real time Web Platform
  • API Connection
  • Mobile Apps
  • Power BI, Tableau, Metabase

It’s not just technology.
It’s who we are.

Best Artificial Intelligence Project for Energy 2020 – as AI Partner
Best Future Artificial Intelligence Project 2020 – as AI Partner