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Energy Management System | EMS Renewables Intelligence

Does the software license have limited licenses or is it a single, unlimited license?

The license is purchased only once, and it is unlimited. The customer has access to software updates by simply downloading and updating the software.

Smartwatt's EMS can monitor only electricity or other sources of energy?

All energy sources are capable of being monitored. Electricity, water, steam, gas can be added to Smartwatt’s EMS through equipment that communicates with the format available in each case. The Smatwatt team evaluates the situation and adapts the best solution to each existing case.

In Smartwatt's EMS, is it possible to calculate energy costs?

Smartwatt’s EMS has the ability to calculate the costs associated with energy consumption. The breakdown of consumption and costs by the customer’s different time periods is one of the characteristics of the EMS, and it is possible for the customer to update the energy tariffs whenever they are changed.

Why should I invest in Smartwatt's EMS?

Smartwatt’s EMS will provide relevant information on the facility’s energy consumption. “Where?”, “How?” and “How?” will be some of the questions answered by the EMS. The optimization of cost centers will be possible through the knowledge generated by the EMS.

What is energy certification for buildings and what is the purpose of it? (ECS)

The energy certification of buildings makes it possible to provide consumers with information on the energy performance of buildings through an energy certificate, which includes reducing costs with the use of energy, improving thermal comfort and accessing to finance and tax benefits. The energy certificate is a digital document that evaluates the energy efficiency of a property on a scale from F (very inefficient) to A+ (very efficient), issued by independent Qualified Experts.

Is the energy certificate mandatory? Who can request its issuance? (ECS)

Any owner of a building or fraction can request an energy certificate for their property, and there are two models of energy certificate, one for residential buildings and another for commercial and service buildings. The same is mandatory in the following cases: 

• New buildings; 

• Existing buildings subject to major rehabilitation interventions, that is, interventions in the building’s surroundings or technical installations, the cost of which exceeds 25% of the building’s value, under the conditions defined in its own regulation; 

• Existing commercial and service buildings with a useful floor area of ​​1000 m2 or more, or 500 m2 in the case of shopping centers, markets and covered pools; 

• Buildings that are owned by a public entity and have a useful floor area greater than 250 m2 and are occupied by a public entity and frequently visited by the public; 

• Execution of contracts for the sale and rental of buildings, including leasing, in which case the owner must present the energy certificate to the potential buyer or lessee. 

What is the durability of energy certificates? (ECS)

Usually, the energy certificates are valid for:

• Residential buildings – 10 years 

• Small commercial and service buildings – 10 years 

• Large commercial and service buildings – 8 years 

Why is it important to have production forecast (wind, solar, hydro)?

Producers and aggregating agents of production pay for the deviation between the programmed power and the one actually produced. The way to minimize this penalty for deviation is to have a good forecast of the production. Traders also pay for deviations in the energy consumed in relation to the programmed. It is essential to forecast the consumptions of your customers and also to foresee self-productions integrated in your customers. For network operators and system operators, the permanent balance between production and consumption is essential, as well as keeping power transits within the limits of network equipment. A good forecast of production, consumption and traffic is essential to manage the systems. 

Why is it important to have market price forecasts?

Short-term forecasts for the following days are important for decisions on market offers, for predictive production management and consumption management. Medium-term forecasts, months or years, are important to define contracting strategies and portfolio definition, either as a buyer or as a seller 

How does it work?

In the short-term forecast, the main information is a meteorological forecast (wind, radiation, rainfall, etc.). These forecasts feed mathematical models that simulate production, consumption and market behavior. Anticipating what will happen at each hour of the next week. In the medium and long-term forecast, behavior of systems, agents and markets are simulated based on thousands of responses observed in recent history. This way it is possible to standardize and predict the future response to situations similar to what happened in the past. 

What kind of information do I receive?

In short-term forecasts, you receive, every day, forecasts of several variables (production, consumption, price, etc.) for each hour of the next 7 to 10 days.