The Bongás Group is commited to:

Encourage learning-oriented leadership, encouraging people’s autonomy, in an environment conducive to entrepreneurship, innovation and trust, encouraging the development of individual skills, the acquisition of knowledge and the sharing of experiences.

Attract and retain customers, based on a service of recognized quality, satisfying and / or exceeding their expectations.

Provide products and services that comply with the legal, regulatory and contractual requirements applicable in the geographies and markets in which it operates. 

Create value for the company, shareholders, its employees and business partners, in a continuous and sustainable way, guaranteeing risk assessment in decision making and in the implementation of processes in the organization, in order to prevent unwanted results, explore opportunities, promoting continuous improvement and the effectiveness of the management system.

Foster a safety culture, transversal to the entire Group, which aims not only to comply with all the regulations in force, but essentially the safety of each employee to carry out his / her function. 

Stimulate the generation of ideas and promote knowledge management using it to create value and innovation in the business areas in which it operates.