Collaborative Laboratory for Data Oriented Innovation Services – DataCoLAB, headquartered in the North of Portugal, was officially established on July 16, in a ceremony held at the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo.

DataCoLAB, is composed of several entities, being led by the multinational company SGS and co-promoted by FI Group Portugal and Smartwatt. Representing the scientific world, this structure includes the presence of the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, the University of Minho, the University of Porto and the Nova University of Lisbon.

Smartwatt as a co-promoter “will draw on its vast experience in the development of decision support models through the analysis of large volumes of data, thus bringing to DataCoLAB a whole market perspective that is vital to its success.” according to Jorge Araújo, from Smartwatt.

DataCoLAB aims to promote and exercise Research and Developments aimed at creating an ecosystem of intersectoral innovation, with multidisciplinary stakeholders, which will use data to redefine the way we produce, consume and live, from the generation and standardization of data-to-data analysis and development of tools to support the decision-making, ensuring data integrity and security throughout the entire value chain. This consortium understands the specificities of the different value chains, thus identifying some data spaces to develop specific services and innovation initiatives.

DataCoLAB will develop specific and tangible knowledge that will be transferred to the market in order to maintain and increase the competitiveness of companies and to raise awareness of the need to adapt these companies to the emerging reality of data-driven innovation. DataCoLAB will respond to the specific needs of the market, basing its developments on the real challenges of the different value chains.

Providing a data innovation service with a focus on SMEs, advanced training with the delivery of around 40 specific courses, the creation of qualified employment with 46 direct jobs and 100 indirect jobs, and research are the working pillars of this laboratory.