2018 was a good year for Smartwatt.

We always aim to do the best that we can and this effort has been very welcome from our clients and partners. We have created deeper relationships with our clients and we are now more close to them, increasing benefits to all, to our clients, to our client’s clients and to us!

This is something that we also have achieved with our partners and it is rewarding to see our products and services starting to spread worldwide.

For 2019 we expect to grow even more intensively with our partners, creating new bridges to strengthen our position in the market, and on doing so we will continue to build deeper bonds with our partners and clients.

Help to create a greener world, by using our intelligent solutions in the energy market, it’s our aim, and this is only possible if we have highly motivated specialized team as we have at SMARTWATT!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for all!

Jorge Borges de Araújo

Smartwatt CEO