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How to increase profits in your company through energy efficiency?

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By the last 10 years, energy efficiency has been a keyword in business. From large to small companies, we witnessed multiple changes on how the energy is managed, and its importance has grown, being decisive to the company profitability. In the beginning, the changes were as simple as install LED lightning, but after 10 years of studies, investigation and investment, is so much more. Becoming efficient is an endless cycle, always possible to improve.


Our Business Partner

Bosch Termotecnologia is one of the BOSCH Group units established in Portugal and is the European market leader in water heaters since 1992, the third largest producer, and the Robert BOSCH Global Competence Center for Heat Water Solutions. This unit exports more than 95% of its production to international markets and has expanded its R&D activities in hardware and software for differents business sector.

With the successive increase in energy costs and BOSCH Group’s overall CO2 reduction program, the energy efficiency and cost issues, as well as climate change concerns, turned out to be increasingly relevant in recent years for BOSCH Termotecnologia.


The main challenge

In spite of the constant concern of BOSCH Group with the optimization of equipment and processes to improve energy efficiency, there was a need for an integrated service of analysis of results, based on monitoring systems, with prescription of solutions aimed at the increase of company profits, through energy reduction.


Smartwatt’s Solution

Smartwatt implemented the Prescriptive Analytic Servicefor Bosch Termotecnologia, driven by dedicated project managers who respond dynamically to the unit’s daily challenges.

The SCADA Power Management System, already installed by Smartwatt, is used as a vital tool for the successful pursuit of the stipulated objectives and in this way will be continually updated and improved for an adequate response to the project requirements.


This solution allow BOSCH Termotecnologia to:

  • Monitor the energy activities responsible for high consumptions and deviations;
  • Develop critical analysis with the plant managers, including baselines of the specific energy consumption of the installation;
  • Get better support for the overall management of energy;
  • Build granular analysis of information of cause/effect of the implemented actions envisaged in each monthly report;
  • Follow-up, routine follow-up and action plans, regarding the planning and achievement of annual targets related to Energy and Water Management;
  • Ensuring the correct and complete functioning of the Energy and Water Management System;
  • Optimization Analysis, with regular reports attending specific needs;
  • Monitoring, follow-up and action plans focusing PDCA and CO2, as BOSCH Group defined;


What was the impact of this solution?

BOSCH Termotecnologia reduced their fixed costs on more than 7% yearly. Besides that, accomplished several strategic goals of the unit and BOSCH Group.

About Smartwatt

Smartwatt main core is energy systems optimization, from project to installation and to the assets management in real-time, covering the value chain from top to bottom. The company has a culture of future. The Smartwatt team develops solutions that increase the efficiency of their customers’ business processes. The company mission is empowering their partner’s energy systems with the most advanced tools and processes for optimizing energy consumption, renewable energy production and maintenance operations, making energy simple, safe, affordable and sustainable. For additional info, please visit