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Renewable production exceeded consumption for the first time


In March, renewable energy production was 103.6% of electricity consumption. It was the first time that something like this happened, since there is a record. The previous maximum recorded had occurred in February 2014 with a representativity of 99.2%.

APREN – Portuguese Renewable Energy Association – and ZERO – Sustainable Terrestrial System Association – concluded that this was only possible due to special weather conditions for the season, that resulted in more water volume in dams and wind.

These data indicated that renewable electricity – mainly hydro and wind – produced in March reached 4,812 GWh, surpassing the consumption of Portugal, that was 4,647 GWh.

The main highlight is for hydro and wind, which are responsible for 55% and 42% of renewable energy production share, respectively.

The total monthly production of renewables also prevented the emission of 1.8 million tons of carbon dioxide, thus saving 21 million euros in the acquisition of pollutant emission allowances.

Both APREN and ZERO predict that this will happen often, anticipating that until 2040 will be possible to fulfil portuguese energy needs completely through renewable sources.

SMARTWATT is proud to be part of this accomplishment, estimating power production for energy transmission and distribution companies in Portugal, increasing the efficiency of the operational processes.