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SMARTWATT at EnergyNet Summit


SMARTWATT was represented by Tiago Santos at the First EnergyNet Summit, under the theme “Controlling the Uncontrollable” in Sicily, by invitation of BaxEnergy.


Between 20 and 21 of September, in the beautiful city of Taormina in the south of Italy, BaxEnergy organised EnergyNet Summit with the purpose of gathering industry experts of different fields, willing to share their view of the renewable energy industry. The topics went from digitalization to energy storage, also trading, direct marketing and cyber-security. And, last but not least, accurate forecasts, where SMATWATT had the chance to present some of our success stories, demonstrating the real impact of our platform in wind and hydro energy sources.

Tiago Santos, was representing SMARTWATT, that started a partnership with BaxEnergy in April, 2018 – “we have already integrated Smartwatt’s forecast data into Energy Studio Pro® allowing operators to visualize a complete set of information that will allow him to make proper decisions and planning adding great value to his daily operations”. This partnership has great plans for the future with many new exciting features related with the decision support and operator decision making process.


About Smartwatt

Smartwatt main core is energy systems optimization, from project to installation and to the assets management in real-time, covering the value chain from top to bottom. The company has a culture of future. The Smartwatt team develops solutions that increase the efficiency of their customers’ business processes. The company mission is empowering their partner’s energy systems with the most advanced tools and processes for optimizing energy consumption, renewable energy production and maintenance operations, making energy simple, safe, affordable and sustainable. For additional info, please visit

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