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What is it possible to forecast?


        Nowadays, it is becoming more and more important to carry out a strategic planning for the actions of the companies, always trying to be one step ahead, so that it is possible to anticipate possible events and to overcome the obstacles that may arise along the way.

        Therefore, the existence of forecasting programs becomes essential to increase the efficiency and optimization of business processes, as it allows to reverse the dichotomy between the process of collecting and processing of information and the decision-making process. Thus, predictive software programs are mainly responsible for the data collection and processing method, while the company managers receive tools and inputs that enable them to invest their time making decisions related to the company’s activity.

        Smartwatt is an ambitious company that differentiates itself through its strong innovation component, providing its predictive solutions to support the decision-making of its customers. And since the company likes to prove its worth, Smartwatt has accepted the challenge launched by one of the largest distributors of international magazines and newspapers in Portugal. This distribution company verified that it could make improvements in the distribution of its publications. Forecast the logistic process would be a solution that would optimize the processes of the organization, decrease the uncertainty of publications distribution, and so, increase the profitability of the business. For this to happen, Smartwatt has developed a tool that gathers all the available information in one place, and transforms it using Predictive Analytics models, delivering insights and key-performance indicators that boost the decision-making process of the client.

        After the study and concept modeling phase, the implementation and operation of the software will be carried out. Subsequently, a review and monitoring will be done where adaptations and updates can be made to the forecast model adopted. After all the adjustments is expected that the distribution of international magazines and newspapers in Portugal is optimized through all selling points, reducing losses and, therefore, increasing efficiency and profitability of our client.

        So, to answer the question, let’s say that is possible to build a forecast model to any industry and any process that involves a pattern and/or is dependent of external variables, such as weather. Through its tailor-made forecasting services, Smartwatt assists its clients in achieving strategic objectives, improving processes and optimizing the efficiency of their businesses, leaving them satisfied and leaving us with a sense of mission accomplished, and is for that reason we have so much pleasure in what we do!